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GSBPL FactoryAt a time when India is showing great progress as a destination for vaccine Research and Development, Manufacturing etc., GSBPL is all set to make the giant leap into the big league of vaccine manufacturing. There are only four companies in the world, pre-qualified by WHO for UNICEF supply of BCG Vaccine for immunization against Tuberculosis. GSBPL is one of them and one of the two suppliers of BCG Vaccine in India.

Vaccines manufactured by the GreenSignal Bio Pharma Private Limited are accredited by the World Health Organization, Geneva and are being used in countries across the globe in their national immunization programs, saving millions of lives throughout the world.

Besides manufacturing, a Research and Development Laboratory for carrying out clinical trials and pilot projects in seed development, vaccine manufacturing etc., is being set-up at the TICEL Park, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

The company aims at "Quality Health care for all" and to make available the much needed immunologicals at an economical cost to the needy. In India, GSBPL has judicial developmental partnerships, new products in pipeline, economical pricing and successful marketing strategies for vaccine field.