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BCG Vaccine (Intradermal):

BCG Vaccine is freeze-dried live Attenuated Bacillus Calmette - Guerin derived from strain of Mycobacterium for the prevention of Tuberculosis

The vaccine has to be reconstituted with 1.0 ml of sodium chloride injection (0.9% w/v).

After reconstitution, a dose of 0.05ml is equivalent to 1 to 4 × 10 5 CFU and a dose of 0.1 ml is equivalent to 2 to 8 × 10 5 CFU.

The Vaccine has to be administered intradermally.

BCG ONCO for Immunotherapy

BCG ONCO for Immunotherapy is a live, attenuated freeze-dried preparation

Each vial contains:

Bacterial Suspension: 40mg

Monosodium glutamate: 5.0 % w/v

Administration: Intra-vesical Instillation.

The Manufactured BCG Vaccine and ONCO are stored in cold room ( 2 to 8° C) and the packaging procedure is as per WHO guidelines